Q Exteriors and Awnings would like to thank all clients past, present and future for the amazing year we had in 2017 !!! We look forward to growing and getting bigger and better in 2018.

This is the last week before the big holiday folks !!! Get your calls in this week to book for your NO COST QUOTE in the new year !!! Amazing REBATES being offered to upgrade your home to a more energy efficient place to live. Saving you thousands on energy costs over the next 10 years !!!

The team at Q Exteriors and Awnings wants to wish everyone a Happy Friday and a super safe and happy weekend !!!!

The team at Q Exteriors and Awnings wants to wish everyone a safe and happy day after all the snow that got dumped on us the last couple of days. Remeber to take care while driving, SAFETY FIRST FOLKS !!!

Only a couple weeks left before Christmas folks !!! Asking Santa for new windows and doors is a great gift idea to wish for. We can help Santa set that up for you. Send your door and window wishes this way so we can make that wish come true !!!

Another amazing job on its way to being complete by our amazing crew !!! Great job guys, keep it up !!

Happy Monday folks !!! Just finshing up an amazing job for Fusion Homes today then on to the next big project. The team at Q Exteriors and Awnings wants to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

It's a great weekend to do your winter home inspection folks !!! Make sure your home is weather tight and that you arent wasting hard earned money on wasted energy costs due to drafty old windows and doors.


Exterior Renovations

  • Awnings

    After spending all day in the office or on the job site, the last thing you really want to do is come home and sit inside. Canadian summers are beautiful but short, so we’re always looking for ways to maximize our outdoor time.But what about those days when there’s no shade from a hot sun or when a light rain shower has you running for cover. How many times have you stood in the rain watching over a lit barbecue hoping the food would hurry up and cook? You’ve worked hard for what you have, you deserve to enjoy the outside of your home, condo or cottage for more than a handful of days. Q-Exteriors awnings provide shelter from the sun and rain while complimenting your existing exterior aesthetics. Adding an awning can lower the temperature on your patio by an astounding 20F.
  • Eavestrough

    Eavestroughs, not the most exciting aspect of your home’s exterior! Every home has them, they’ve been designed to blend in, to go unnoticed. You don’t really think about them until a heavy rainstorm creates a miniature Niagara Falls, and water is cascading down the side of your home. Without properly installed and operating eavestroughs the exterior of your home is exposed to water, which is the primary cause of damage to a home’s structure. Water can compromise paint or get into a seam in your home’s siding and cause mold. Water pooling around the foundation of your home will find a crack, cause it to worsen and eventually enter your home’s basement. Then you have a real problem which comes with a real expense.
  • Windows

    When it comes to windows, Q-Exteriors trusts Vinylguard to keep our customers satisfied. With more than 25 years of experience, Vinylguard windows are designed and fabricated to the highest standards and offer countless customizable options. What we love most about Vinylguard is their unsurpassable lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty covers: Materials, Vinyl, Hardware, Glass, Seals, All moving parts. The warranty is even fully transferable increasing your home’s resale value. No other supplier offers this level of quality while backing their product with such a comprehensive warranty and this is why we carry Vinylguard Windows.
  • Doors

    The windows and doors of a house are the first things an observer notices. Try this experiment next time you are out, consciously look at a house, it can be any house, yours, your neighbour’s, just a random house you are passing by. Look at it and be aware of where your eyes are drawn to and where they come to rest. It will probably be a window or the front door.People place significance on windows and doors. We have made them into symbols. Eyes are the WINDOWS to the soul, doors represent opportunity and paths to success. So if the symbols of windows and doors carry so much importance, shouldn’t the literal windows and doors of your home also be a significant choice?Windows and doors are the crown jewels of your home’s exterior. They’re how your home makes a first impression and they can say quite a bit about who lives there. They can be modern or traditional, subtle and private or open and commanding, they can say ‘this house is a castle,’ or ‘this is a home and you are welcome here.
  • Siding, Soffit & Fascia

    Your home’s siding is like your bodies skin and it serves a very important purpose, protecting what’s inside from what’s outside. But just like your skin has an element of beauty, siding brings beauty to your home’s exterior. Siding can transform a home’s appearance in days. New siding can rejuvenate your home by decades and make it the crown jewel of the neighborhood while protecting it from wind, water, snow, and sun. At Q-Exteriors and Awnings, we install aluminum and vinyl siding from two different suppliers, both meeting our high standards of quality. We carry a number of different styles of siding, from longboard to board and batten to insulated, we can match any style you want.


8 months ago
Great group of people.
- Ben H
2 years ago
Have to thank the team at Q Exteriors for the amazing work they do. They are very professional and had my job done on time as promised and the clean up was like nobody had even been to my home. It was great thanks guys !!!!
- Digger D
2 years ago
Excellent Roofing, Siding, Windows/Doors Service in London ON.
- Kris T


We specialize in EXTERIOR RENOVATIONS for the past 10 years in the city of London. Quality is most important to us, hence the big Q in our company name. 

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